Exhibition Outline


A convention that creates a place for meaningful business exchange by disseminating the latest information and industry trends on various automotive aftermarkets, including the buying and selling, maintenance, and maintenance of automobiles, as well as the environment and infrastructure surrounding automobiles, through exhibitions and demonstration seminars.

Features of IAAE

Product and
Solution Showcasing

Domestic and overseas companies and organizations will exhibit their latest products and services.
Product professionals from each company will give presentations directly to visitors, and new products may also be announced at the booth.


We will hold a wide variety of seminars, including trends in automobile maintenance, distribution, and government, as well as responses to EVs, new business systems, regional cooperation and detailing, and the annual auto aftermarket summit.
There will also be presentations of the latest equipment and services by exhibitors.



Painting demonstrations will be held by exhibitors at a special painting booth in the exhibition hall.
As conventional solvent-based paints are increasingly being replaced with water-based paints with the aim of reducing environmental impact by reducing VOCs, you can see the latest solutions from paint manufacturers.


With the start of the specific maintenance system and the revision of inspection standards, we will provide information on the latest equipment and equipment necessary for aiming work, and will demonstrate using a demonstration vehicle set up at the seminar venue.