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I privacy policy

Handling of personal information

IAAE Show Management Office (hereafter The Show Management Office) does not disclose personal information registered on this site to any third parties.The Show Management Office may use the information to send questionnaire, News Letter and direct mails to those who give prior consent.
When you visit the booth, action history will be opened to the exhibitor you browsed.
The show management office delegates information management authorityto Reflux Co., Ltd. and the company discloses the information to each exhibitor.

Procedure of registering personal information

The Show Management Office discloses purpose of the register and how registered personal information will be used. Only those who agree to the purpose will register their personal information.

To correct and delete registered information

The Show Management Office will accept requests from registered users to correct or delete their personal information via e-mail. The registered information is strictly protected.

Protection of personal information

The Show Management Office will follow legislation and rules regarding the protection of personal information. The Show Management Office will also construct a framework to protect personal information and revise it when necessary.

Main categories of personal / anonymous information registered on this site and the purpose of its use

  • Categories
    • Company name, Section, Person's name, Address, Category of business, E-mail address, Others
  • Purpose of use
    • *Advance registration for IAAE
    • *Questionnaire for visitors
    • *News Letter and direct mails etc.

For inquiry

Show Management Office
c/o JC Resonance. Co., Ltd. 1-12-2 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0072, Japan
TEL:03-5422-9446 FAX:03-5422-9149 Mail:information@iaae-jp.com